Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock vs Brad Pitt "Mistaken Landscapes" Audio

This audio playlist was created for the Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock vs. Brad Pitt at sunset (approximately 8:36 PM) screening of Mistaken Landscapes at All Star Fine and Recorded Arts (film described in detail below). The film was projected onto a large window facing the street from inside the gallery. Visitors could follow a link on their smartphones to this audio track, then listen to the soundtrack while viewing the visuals from outside the space.

Forming a counterpoint to the rhythmic shifting of the distorted visuals, the audio of this film is constructed from recordings made while sitting still on the balcony of a Tokyo apartment. As with the HDR images that don’t precisely combine, the addition of sounds—a child’s tantrum in the courtyard, a neighbor’s koto lesson, rice cooking, and an answering machine message from FedEx—enhances the surreal qualities of the film and foregrounds the contrast between movement and stasis, outside and inside, travel and home.

The star actor in this film is the visual/aural landscape itself.

0:00 A distant rock concert, birds, a truck with a speaker 
3:13 Rice cooking 
4:14 A tantrum in the courtyard 
5:09 An answering machine message about a missed delivery 
6:04 A speech in the middle of the night, a sudden arrival 
7:32 Stray Dog 
8:08 A murder of crows 
9:30 Wind 
9:52 Yuyake Koyake (Sunrise, Sunset), a child (animal?) having a tantrum, crickets 
10:22 A passing jet, a siren, a koto lesson, a baby crying 
11:54 Cicadas, cicadas breaking the recording device 
12:36 A baseball game, crows, a hit, crickets, crows 
15:16 Rain, a bird, a birdcall, a bird responds, an assessment 
15:53 A passing jet, Yuyake Koyake, Yuyake Koyake echos 
16:41 An unhappy refrigerator 
17:14 A voice from a speaker, a truck, briefly a scooter, the voice continues