Gabriel Blankenship Instant Camera

Gabriel Blankenship
Instant Camera
Organized by Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock

The Fordham University Galleries Online
Fall 2020
Fordham University at Lincoln Center
113 West 60th Street at Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023

Around 2009, I unexpectedly found myself back at home in rural Pennsylvania. I had been studying photography and had grown accustomed to bringing my camera everywhere. I found myself shooting less at home, despite carrying a camera, and sometimes I didn't bring my camera out at all. Allowing myself to be more present was liberating, but not without tension. I kept finding myself wishing I had taken my camera with me, or I would catch myself composing a shot with nothing to record it with.

As I began exploring pixel art, I found the same ideas I was drawn to as a photographer cropping up in my work. Moments I thought I had missed were "developing" in 8 and 16 bits. These "Polaroids" are recalled and imagined landscapes and photographs that I wish I had taken: details noticed in my peripheral vision, seen from the passenger seat of a car, or a third-story window.